Homemade Healthy Vanilla Almond Milk That You Can Steam & Froth!

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The net is full of millions of non-dairy, plan-based, nut milk options, right? So how come I could find one that could teach me how to make my own almond milk that you can steam and create a foam?! Seriously it is SO simple to make it at home. And not just easy, money-saving, and my all-time favorite – YOU DON’T NEED TO REMEMBER TO BUY MILK! Or drag your kids to the store just for a bottle of plant-base milk.
I remember that one day, my husband went on a business trip. I made all the arrangements in advance, bought all the groceries I needed for that week, I cooked, meal prep my kids’ lunches for that week, and just had to go grab my Malk, my favorite Texan plant-based milk (BTW I don’t get any benefits out of it, I just love that it contains nothing I can’t pronounce and simple, real kitchen ingredients!). But guess what?! They were out of stock when I went to my reguler grocery store to buy one, and I had ZERO desire to grab my kids into the store with me… really, I was ready to give up on coffee and not go into the store with them. *Any parent in the crowd has a horror story about grocery store visit with a child? Yep, thought so. THANK YOU but NOT! I was exhausted after work, and I had no intention to do that. Instead, I went home and decided to make my own almond milk. I didn’t soak them overnight, I didn’t peel them or any prep to make my first-ever nut milk, simply cuz I didn’t plan to do so. Guess what? It was a great success! I need to make a confession, I had an intention to make my own nut milk so I happen to have these nut-milk bags at home.

1 cup of raw organic almonds
1 vanilla bean stick or Tbsp vanilla extract
3 cups of cold filtered water
A pinch of salt

(I highly recommend soaking the almonds overnight) Place 1 cup of raw organic almond in a bowl, cover with water. Replace the water once or twice. Put your overnight soaked almonds in the blender bowl with one cup of water, using the ‘crush’ button until smooth milk forms. MAGIC! Now add the remaining water, vanilla bean or extract and a pinch of salt and blend for an additional minute or two.
TA – DA! Your milk is ready. Now, press your coffee machine because this milk forms delicious foam for your favorite latte.

Wait, don’t go yet! I have all-time favorite hot chocolate (almond) milk recipe for you!

1 cup homemade almond milk from the recipe above (it’s important to follow the instructions, or the milk won’t foam)

1.5 Tsp cocoa unsweetened

1.5 Tsp 100% maple syrup


Use your milk frother or heat the milk in a sauce pan slightly until small bubbles start to form. Add in the cocoa powder and mix well until combined. Take off the stove and let cool for a minute. Stir in the syrup maple and serve. Yummy! *Note: If you wish to make it a little fancier, you can top your healthy hot chocolate with some shaved chocolate (using your regular vegetable peeler!) or ground cinnamon. It’s also our favorite for All-pumpkin-spice season drink, watch out Starbucks! (imagine my laughing face πŸ™‚ )

Creamy & Healthy Hot Chocolate? Yes, Please!

I like to peel my almonds, it’s easier to peel them when they are soaked.
It is very important to follow the instructions, or the milk won’t foam properly. You don’t have to soak the almonds, but pre-soaking them actually helps to digest the almonds better.
If you wish to naturally sweeten your milk you can add:

  • 2 Date
  • Maple syrup
  • Honey
  • Coconut sugar

Make sure you are squeezing well through the milk bag, and enjoy your healthy choices!

Let me know if it worked for y’all!

~ R

Disclaimer: I recommend on a nut milk bag in this post, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However, I paid a full price for the nut bag and I used it over and over again, so regardless I highly recommend on it! 

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