Dress Like The Woman You Want To Be

It’s a heck of a statement, isn’t it? But you see, I believe that you create your own reality.

When your mind is set on a “Fab” mode, then all your being becomes dedicated and directed in that route.
Let’s say you just lost a big contract you thought you had in your pocket. You are upset, you find it hard to concentrate, and basically, you need a few days off that you can’t really take; One of a few ways to shake it off is by doing an effortless action that will affect your whole day and feeling. Dress up! When you look good (you are the FIRST & ONLY person to decide if you look good or not), you feel good, your self-confidence is higher, so you speak up your mind, you are showing more creativity and more patience. Sounds great, right?

Your everyday look: Business casual

You can break that cycle and dress like the woman you want to be

That successful woman you are or working on becoming one. Dress with confidence, with pride. Dress up knowing you are beautiful, comfortable, creative, or anything else YOU WANT TO BE.
The only person that keeps you from being that woman you wish to be is YOU. Just YOU. I know, it’s hard, there’s life in between, kids, job and so-so-so many other excuses. You want to know how I know that? Because those are exactly MY excuses too! Seriously. I’m writing those words not just for you, but also for me.

The minimalist look

Let do a small exercise, shall we?

Write down on a paper, which woman (or man, I love you too, guys) you wish you could be? Fearless? Do you want to be confident? A more positive person? Do you want to be a better-organized woman? (KonMari, anyone?)
Now, close your eye, how do you imagine the woman you want to become? Does she have a neat, sleek business casual look? Does she wear the latest trends? Is she comfortable with what she’s wearing? Imagine her make-up, her purse, her shoes. Imagine it all.
Start to create a list of all the item the woman YOU want to BE has;
It can be detailed like a black fedora hat or something more general like wearing casual suit or wearing certain colors to achieve that same feeling you are having when imagining that woman you eager to be. Don’t limit yourself, and allow all her outfits parts and accessories to be written down.
Once your list is complete, go ahead and start to scan your wardrobe and the accessories in your closet. Do yourself a huge favor and eliminate ALL the garment and clothes you haven’t worn in the past three years. You don’t necessarily need to get rid of them; however, you need to acknowledge the fact it has been sitting in your closet for quite a while now. Put it aside, you can go back to them and try to match at least four items from your untouched clothes with the ones your currently wearing.
Once you found the items on your list, to help you become the woman you want to be, start playing a little bit with patterns, colors, mix and match clothing items you normally won’t ware together and create new looks.
How does it feel?
Here are some mix and match options I created for you, consider try it out or take some inspiration and create yours.

outfit of the day
Your Date-Night Outfit: Colorful, Confident, Bright. Just like You.

Remember, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE. I know you do. You just need to DECIDE you are ready to do that!
I know it is not easy. No one said it would be easy, but you can do it.
I know you CAN.
Need help? I’m here for you, just write me an email, and let’s do it together.



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