Love Yourself. Not JUST Your Figure

Women’s Body Image And Whatever Is In Between 

I was with the girls at our weights workout, where we sweat ourselves to death, and one sweet woman suddenly said, “I wish I had a gap between my thighs!” and then it hit me. As much as I consider myself as a thin person, I never really had a gap between my legs, and her thoughts were also mine. But why? She is a sweet, strong (literally strong. You need to see her quads!) independent, loving person, she’s bothered by her body image.
Why are we still being measured by our body types, shapes, weights? I mean, I’m 5′ person that works really hard to maintain the body image I finally created for myself, and I’m happy with by combining clean, healthy eating with workout and a healthy lifestyle.

BUT, I want to think it doesn’t define me.
And I know it does.

When people see me from the “outside” world and talk about my hamstrings or sculpted arms, they may think I’m at the gym all day long or possibly a stay-at-home-mom, while I have a full-time job. They don’t know I’m healing from hypothyroidism syndrome and that I have to stay active to help my body function better. I don’t wish anybody to know how it feels to be scraped off the bed because you are so weak/exhausted because your body isn’t balanced. It’s not the worst thing that can happen, yet, I was a healthy person, that all the sudden needs to take medications? It was a real bummer for me (want to know what helped me to heal myself? click here). When people see a heavy-weight person, they automatically think he is lazy. Maybe he has a problem? Perhaps he is struggling with health issues he doesn’t need to share with you? Or maybe he is just comfortable in his own skin! (Amen to that!). Stop judging people by their looks. Start judging people by their actions, their gestures, their aura, and vibes. We are beautiful as we are. My daughter told me today that my tummy is beautiful, and I was so touched by that. After I gave birth to my second child, I gain so many stretch marks, and my skin got dull and left me with some ugly scars, so when she said my stomach is beautiful – I was in tears. That was an act of pure beauty, without us ruing it with our perfection standards, models, and fake ideal images we create. 

Free your mind, the rest will follow.

We need to love ourselves. The person we are, the women we become. The role model we are (going to be) to the next generation. We need to free our minds from distractions like our clothing size or the number shown on the scale. We need to be happy, thankful, and appreciative of the exact moment, here and now. We can discuss our self goals later on a cup of our favorite white pinot noir (try one if you haven’t yet!) 

Before I’m wrapping this post, I do want to share with you some points that are important to me and led me to do this change:

Write Your Own Story
  1. I got into the point of no return, where I decided to make the change. No matter how many times I was unhappy with myself, it took one moment, full of intention to put words into action. 
  2. I respect my body. You should too. 
  3. I am what I eat. So I choose to eat healthy, nutritious food to provide it with the very best. Yes, I also drink alcohol and eat chocolate every now and then. 
  4. I dress like the person I want to be, and I have full confidence in myself when I leave the house. 
  5. I decided to filter background noises (most of the time) and focus on the good. Karma led me here, and I intend to help her keep me here 🙂 

Share your wisdome with me, i’d love to here from you strong people out there. 



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