You Can Style Your Mood.

The story between your state of mind and your cloths.

I always tear apart between poverty in the world and my passion to dress up people. And then, I realize that my passion can change someone else’s life. Make them feel confident. Vital. Picking your outfit for the next day is not just dressing up to cover yourself. It’s a powerful way to express yourself, to showcase your mood, your ups or downs. Your soul shows out through so many ways. Your eyes, your skin, your clothes. You have the power to take control and change your state of mind. Your clothes has a big role in your feel. Think a bout a person who always dresses black. A little like uniform, cookie cutter, mold, templates.

Your creativity, your spirit, your halo, it all shows through the choice of your clothes. The colors you choose to wear, the accessories you choose to pair. It doesn’t mean you have to wear pink at all times, it just means that you need to be minded about your choices, about the selections and your mixes. Next time that you prepare your outfit, ask yourself, who is the woman I want to be? What image do I want to present? What state of mind I need to be in? If you are down, and you need something to lift your spirit, I’d suggest to stay away from monochromatic clothes.

Suit pants can paired with your favorite cozy sweater

Think about your favorite color, try to incorporate it to your wardrobe. Maybe colorful shoes, or even socks. If you insist to keep the monotone colors, you can show your colors with accessories like colorful headband, scarfs, hats, layered necklaces and happy colorful socks.

Winter fashion can showcase your happiness
#winterfashion #dresslikethewomanyouwanttobe

Next time you are getting dressed, be minded to your choices, be present while you mix & match and not just wear something.

If you have any questions or need an assassinate with rebuilding your wardrobe, email me and let’s tailor the right service for you.

Happy closet!

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