Easy Savory Eggplant Pastry {Gluten Free, under 30 minutes!}

If there is something I miss every now and then in my clean eating diet, is Bourekas. Usually made with phyllo dough or puff pastry. I made this EASY pastry using Drums ðŸĨðŸĨðŸĨ rice paper! Ha! So easy to work once you understand how to.

Gluten-free pastry filled with eggplant and ricotta cheese

FYI, this is perfect for Passover!

4 ingredients and you have a dish that everyone will talk about!


  • Roasted eggplant core from 2 medium eggplants (you can buy it packed or roast yourself)/
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup of light ricotta cheese
  • 8 rice paper


  • Heat the oven to 400 degrees
  • Mix the eggplants, egg, cheese, and spices set aside.
  • Prepare a 12×12 parchment paper and a wide pan/pot with water
  • Soak rice paper for about 20 seconds and flip to the other side. Repeat until the paper is soft but still easy to work with (don’t over soak it!)
  • Place 3 rice paper one next to each other when the edges are touching
  • Fill rice sheets with the batter and roll using the parchment paper for easy rolling, shape the roll as a circle securing the edges so it won’t open during baking
  • Repeat until all sheets are filled
  • Spray with some avocado oil and sprinkle with sesame or ‘everything but the bagel’ mix
  • Place in the oven for 35 minutes until golden


  • If you want to make it vegan, you can change the filling to: mash sweet potato with thyme, mash potato, chopped mushroom with sauteed onion, mashed garbanzo beans with chopped scallion
  • Not vegan? Consider the following fillings: mash potato and boiled egg, mozzarella & feta mixed with an egg (to thicken the batter), cottage cheese with shredded mozzarella and sauteed cherry tomatoes
  • In case you want to bring it to your seder dinner, you can fill it with ground beef and roasted pine nuts, that would be a hit on your holiday table. Guaranteed!

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