Rice Pancakes From Yesterday’s Lunch

Coronavirus days are keeping me in the kitchen for long hours… I don’t like to throw away food, but I had a feeling my kids won’t like to eat the rice & garbanzo beans I made yesterday, so I decided to convert the rice to pancakes! It’s gluten-free, unrefined sugar, super satisfying as breakfast, and packed with fibers. All you need is a blender and a none stick skillet or a pan and you’re all set!

Pancakes from your lunch leftovers! Photo by the Veggienista

Ingredients: (yield about 25 small pancakes)

2 cup of prepared rice (the one you have in the fridge for two days now? Yes, this!)

2 pasture-raised eggs (can be substituted with flaxseed egg or apple sauce)

1.5 almond milk or any other milk you like to use

1.5 tbsp pure maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp olive oil

0.5 tbs baking soda


Put the rice and the milk or water in a blender with vanilla extract. Using the crush method, blend until a smooth batter forms. Add all other ingredients and blend well for an additional minute.

Heat a nonstick skillet or a pan. You may spray a little olive oil or use soaked paper towel with oil to grease your pan. Pour a small amount of the batter into the pan and cook on a medium heat for about a minute and a half or until the pancake is no longer runny (trust me, you’ll see the difference). Don’t tempt to flip it too soon, once the pancake is ready it’s easy to flip it to the other side. Serve with vegan caramel spread (recipe to follow) pure maple syrup or lemon-maple syrup.


I prefer to avoid any refined sugar in my cooking but you can use granulated sugar if you desire.

I served my pancakes with vegan caramel spread I made. Vegan caramel recipe: (yield one cup) 8 per soaked medjool dates, half a cup of almond milk, a pinch of salt. Mix all ingredients in a blender, make sure you scrape the sides of the blender and mix until well blend.

If you like sweet and sour you can serve these babes with lemon maple syrup: mix 1/3 cup of hot water with 1.5 tbsp maple syrup and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Sprinkle the liquid gently to your pancakes. Be careful to not over water them.

My pancakes are yellowish because of the dark amber color of the maple syrup I use (I buy mine in Costco)

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